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As creators of mankind and society, green building design should be our religion.

we should try to balance the disturbed eco of nature through our skills. choice of materials should be close to ourselves i.e. close to nature.

"Mischievous Son Hey Sun! This is I, your mischievous son

You showered life on me, through my mother

energized the soul and gave me feather,

me the selfish one, took the advantage

disturbed the eco, disturbed the sage


Mother loved me, still curing and caring,

me the selfish son consistently kept daring

hurting the greens, hurting the creatures

cunningly building and building the dreams


Conquering was my passion,

today it became my profession

earning the breads, more than the hunger

don't know how to behave, still feeling younger


Bag of resources is going to get empty

how these resources could be re-sourced?

unable to return the gems, that are taken

preserve the remaining, this thought is driven


Destroying the nest, with my own feathers

responsible is me, and my brothers

probably we lose all the environmental fun

if we use the destructive gun.


Preservation should be the sensation

“save mother earth” must be the destination

once again I have to spell the words

language would be green, green and only green.

Restart the learning, intentions should be clean

take the baby steps and go green,

go green My brothers and I the mischievous son

pray apologies for all our deeds, Hey Sun!"

Ar. Amit Sethi

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